The art of organisation is not something learnt overnight.


Using skills developed over 20 years of experience arranging the business and personal lives of executives and their families, we are experts in getting you and your workplace or life organised.

With Nicely Organised you can be assured that tasks are managed with the utmost care and to the a very highest standard in consultation with you.

We aim to meet the needs of busy professionals, executives, families and older adults. We focus on working with you to develop personalised solutions for your situation, as everyone is unique. We hope you will be encouraged, energised and inspired by the results.

Our Top Organiser and owner of the business, Belinda Clapin, has looked after CEO’s of top corporate companies and their families along with event and project management roles.  To find out more about her experience click here . She loves nothing more than helping people be organised and all her life she has been a top organiser.


Nicely Organised questions



how does nicely organised work out the cost?

After an initial on-site consultation, an outline of the plan and costs will be sent to each client for approval.  Some are best charged at an hourly rate, others costed as a project.


Nicely Organised will meet you on site to discuss the work to be done.  After the plan and costs have been approved and a deposit paid, we can work out a date that suits you to start the work. Sometimes you will need to be there from start to finish and other times, the choice is up to you. 


The client is responsible to arrange insurance for any furniture or household items moved.




"My daughter has been organising me and my life for a very long time and she is the best!"
- Mum


"Won't be long now!"