How does the process work ? Below are examples of how Nicely Organised helps you.

Organise the wardrobe




Lorraine was overwhelmed by her wardrobe. Her wardrobe was so full it was making it nearly impossible to find the right clothes and when she did, they were often crushed and needed an iron, not great when you are in a rush.


Lorraine and Belinda talked about what Lorraine wanted out of the de-clutter and how they would achieve it.  No additional storage was needed and Belinda returned the following week to start work.

1. All the clothes were pulled from the wardrobe and placed into keep, recycle, throw piles

2. Clothes in the keep pile were re-hung in sections according to style and colour

3. Next to be sorted were the wardrobe and stand alone drawers followed by the accessories and shoes. All of these were placed in keep, re-cycle and throw piles before they were Nicely Organised.  All re-cycle and throw piles were taken away by Belinda. Lorraine was left to marvel at the space and organisation of her wardrobe.

 Job done -Nicely Organised!

Moving is tough 



Grace had to move her Dad from the family home into care.  All of the furniture had to be removed from the home as it needed to be sold.


Grace and Belinda met onsite to walk through the rooms and work out what the family would like to keep and what was to be sold. It was decided an auction house would be the best place for the furniture to be sold rather than a garage sale and Belinda arranged a proposal and plan for this to be approved by Grace.  Belinda arranged for a removalist to take the family items to Grace and met the auction house on site for the transfer of the remaining furniture.  All unsold furniture was donated to charity or thrown out and proceeds from the sale were sent to Grace. 

Nicely Organised can suggest real estate agents, stylists, removalists and trades to prepare the house for sale if required. 

Home office needs help



Jo and Jim worked from home and needed help de-cluttering and organising their home office.


After the initial consultation where they all discussed the ideal workflow which included additional storage solutions, Belinda returned to help sort out the space.

1. Loose paperwork was split into categories and actioned, filed or disposed of. Last years files were archived and stored. Folders for the current year were created for financial and project work and labelled for easy identification. 

2. Trays and tags were created for to do, to be invoiced, to be filed 

3. Desks, drawers and storage were de-cluttered and organised

Order was restored - Nicely Organised!

Helping you achieve a Nicely Organised life.