We make life easier and we love doing it. These are some of the tasks Nicely Organised can help you with.

Home Organisation


  • Kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Spare room
  • Garage
  • Bedroom
  • Wardrobe
  • Home office
  • Storage sheds (how long since you've been there?)

We can recycle/remove goods no longer needed when the de-clutter is complete. No longer will you dread opening that cupboard or wardrobe once the organisation is complete.  How good will that feel !


  • Downsizing to a new home, retirement village or aged care
  • Pre-sale home de-clutter
  • Moving from home to home including moving day

Managing downsizing for either yourself or on behalf of a family member needs to be handled sensitively and we work with you to recycle, distribute and remove items that won't be going to the new home.

Moving can be stressful and we aim to ease this stress with careful planning and offering solutions from start to finish including managing removalists, storage, packing and unpacking.  

Personal Organisation

  • Paperwork
  • Bills
  • Life records
  • Collate Estate records
  • Home office

Streamline paperwork and bills that so often get away from you and introduce a manageable system going forward.

Organise and/or archive life records for the family, house and even the family pets!

Collate personal and financial records for the family, executor and financial/legal representatives.

Could your home office be more organised for a better workflow ? 


Corporate Organisation

  • Relocation of executives from interstate
  • De-clutter and organise SME admin and office space
  • Archive end of year paperwork

As a business grows and the owner/s focus on new opportunities the often time consuming admin tasks are placed in the 'to do' file.   Nicely can help bring these tasks up to date using the many years of experience in this area.

Helping you achieve a Nicely Organised life.